Christmas 2016 Thank You

Again, “Thank You”! We are overwhelmed each year by the great generosity that is shown by supporters like you, both in the US and in Guatemala. It is because of your financial gifts and faithful prayers that we are able to provide celebrations for those that we serve given a small glimmer as to what the celebrations will be like in Heaven. Because of your financial gifts, we collected $6 over what we needed. Elizabeth told Priscila, “that $6 must be a sign to get another toy!” Priscila was in agreement. Our ministry was able to provide 14 baskets that contained household essentials to 14 different famlies and we purchased 326 presents . . . how many presents did we need for each child to have one??? . . . 326. 


Read below a note from Ingrid about HER experience that day; then scroll down further to see some pictures!


Hello dear Friends! It is a pleasure to be able to greet you all in this manner and share with you a little about our Christmas celebration in Camotan. We started out journey at 4am [to leave for Chiquimula from Guatemala City]. I remember when I woke up that morning, the first thing I thought was, “Let’s go, the children are waiting for us!” Even though I was dealing with some pain in my arms and legs that day, I left with joy on our journey. When we arrived in Camotan and we saw the long line of children, the excitement became even bigger and I gave thanks to God for the ability to be part of such a happy moment for these little ones. To see how the faces of the children changed when they each received their present, or to watch everyone there enjoy one tamale – there is no price. The people there gave us all thanks and blessed us. We told them all, “there are people in different parts [of the world], very far from here, who think about, worry about and pray for all of you. Each of you who gave support through prayers or financial gifts were also a part of the celebration. Thank you, again! Without your support this experience wouldn’t be possible. God is faithful. My prayers and my heart are with you all. Ingrid de Valdez

Note from Sarah – “I very much enjoyed participating [in the celebration] and being able to see how happy the children were with their presents.”

Note from Felipe: -“ I was very excited to be able to help so that each child there could receive a toy, have a meal and get some candy.’