Clinic-January 2016

After the building was selected and a lease was signed, another trip was quickly planned. Some work would be needed on the property to get it in working order for a functioning clinic. The “Friend of Kairos” and one of their family members, agreed to come down for a few days in January. Gustavo presented the trip in December to two other men from the states and without taking more than five minutes to consider, both signed up to join the others in January.  Paco and Priscila, along with Gustavo and their eldest son, Francisco, accompanied the small group of four to Chiqumula where work has begun to turn this building into a clinic. Follow this link to read some FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) and scroll down to look at more pictures of the clinic. Stay tuned for regular updates as progress is made towards the opening of Clinic Kairos’ doors.

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