Work Teams

The Valdezes want to do more than just “put a band-aid” on the people and their hurts. The ministry began researching the source of many of their problems and wanted to seek solutions, not just for the people but with the people.

In 2002, Gustavo and Elizabeth Valdez joined Kairos Ministries Team as communication liaisons for the ministry and as coordinators of mission teams. The idea behind the mission teams Kairos would work with is to go to where the people at the Kairos House are coming from and tackle the big problems they are facing within their communities. The goal is not to just offer “hand outs” but to work together with the leaders and members of the different communities, in both identifying the major problems and work towards solutions that are specific to each region. The two main areas that we focus on are HEALTH and INFRASTRUCTURE. We tackle this by bringing down different teams that can assist with Medical Needs, Construction and Building Needs, and Community Development Needs. If you are interested in learning more about these different types of work teams, please click on the area of interest or Contact Us for more information.

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