Personal Testimonies

The View From A Woman’s Heart
submitted by a faithful supporter in prayer, Jodi Gantz of Manheim , PA

From outside, Kairos House is just another cement block, window barred, razor wire topped building in Guatemala City . Inside, it’s a different story. Kairos House is an oasis of compassion and caring in a cruel, unfair world. Working at the house, we were able to meet many of the families staying there and hear their stories. Many had traveled up to 12 hours leaving behind other family members and in some cases their livelihood so their child could receive life saving treatments at the hospital nearby. Some would stay for days, others weeks, or even months. They have no money for lodging or food. Though it seemed to us, they had been dealt a tough hand in life; they chose to see their blessings. For now, their loved ones were alive. At Kairos House, there was food to eat and a safe place for their sick child to sleep. These people were not bitter or angry. They were happy and grateful. They didn’t question God, they thanked Him. I saw Jesus there. I saw Jesus in the faces of the parents at the hospital receiving a cup of hot coffee and a piece of bread. The only food some of them would have that day. I saw Jesus in the selfless compassionate service of Kairos ministry leaders as they made the coffee and baked the bread and went back to the hospital day after day, week after week, and year after year. Somehow, in the midst of their giving they managed to give all the honor and glory for the good that is happening there right back to God. Families at Kairos House didn’t thank Kairos Ministries, they thanked God.

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