The Story Behind the Kairos House

Throughout almost a decade of serving the hurting families of many thousands of patients at Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala City , the Valdez family had been constantly in prayer for a home where these family members could be served more fully and with greater dignity. In God’s perfect timing (Kairos), during the Fall of 2003, their prayers were answered and a home was located and rented only 4 blocks away from Roosevelt Hospital . Though not a large home, it provides a safe place for these hurting individuals to lay their heads at night and to fill their stomachs with three warm meals. However, Kairos House does so much more than meet the material needs of these individuals. It also enables the families to find support and rejuvenation for the next day from the wonderful care takers of the home, from other individuals staying there who are in similar situations, and from the many prayers of the churches and individuals who support the Valdez family and Kairos Ministries. Many of the individuals and families who pass through the doors of the Kairos House come from hundreds of miles away to seek medical attention for their loved ones and often do not know anyone from whom they can seek assistance. Kairos Ministries, and now Kairos House, provides a family for these people by becoming their family. Christ’s love is shown in a real way that is able to be grasped and guarded in their hearts forever.

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