Santos, Ezequiel & Gloria

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Please pray for the children in the Kairos House, specifically for Santos,age 4, (from Mazatenango, in the southern part of Guatemala, about 3 hours from the Capital). Ezequiel, age 15 (from Playa Grande, in Quiche which is in the North West part of Guatemala, about 15 hours driving to the capital) and Gloria, age 13 (from San Marcos, also in the North West part of the country and about 14 hours driving). All of these children have cancer. Santos has cancer of the eyes and sadly, has lost both of them to the disease. He travels every 2 weeks to the capital and stays in the Kairos House, with his mom, to receive his treatments (his father passed away and he has no other siblings). Ezequiel has leukemia and comes to Kairos every 2 months with his mother. He has 5 other siblings at home, who have to stay with their grandmother because his father left them when he found out that Ezequiel was ill. Gloria also has leukemia and comes every month with her father. She has 4 other siblings that stay home with her mother. Each of these children, like many others, need assistance with their travel costs, which is often the single barrier to recieving their cancer treatments. Santo’s and his mother’s travel costs are about Q200 ($25) each trip (roundtrip). Both Ezequiel’s and Gloria’s travel costs total close to Q500 ($62.50) roundtrip each time they travel. All three families live off of very little with income anywhere between $60 and $100 per month. If you are interested in helping with any of these children’s travel costs, you may contact us at

Thank you!

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