Dream Dinners Fundraiser


Holidays are upon us…sadly this often comes with a busier schedule! School Christmas Concerts, Family Gatherings, Christmas Parties, Christmas Shopping . . . and on and on and on . . .
All this hustle and bustle doesn’t mean you and your family need to suffer with take out, fast food or pb&j for dinner! Within the same amount of time, or less, that you will sit in a drive thru line or wait for delivery, you can have a savory home cooked meal – that you made ahead of time!
Dream Dinners is hosting a great fundraiser for Kairos… Join us Wednesday, Nov. 30th or Saturday, Dec. 3rd to help raise money for Kairos Ministry! Open to new AND current guests – come make 3 dinners for just $34.99! You will have easy, delicious meals to enjoy and $10 per order will be donated to the Kairos Ministry! Added bonus – sign up for another session on your own in December and Kairos will receive an additional $20!

To register just go to one of the links below and place your order (one order per household). The password is “Kairos”

Nov. 30th at 6:00pm (dreamdinners.com/fundraiser/685243)   3 spots remaining
Nov. 30th at 7:30pm (dreamdinners.com/fundraiser/685244)   10 spots remaining
Dec. 3rd at 10:00am (dreamdinners.com/fundraiser/685245)   5 spots remaining
Dec. 3rd at 11:30am (dreamdinners.com/fundraiser/685246)    9 spots reamining 

Questions or trouble registering? Email Becki at becki.cavanaugh@dreamdinners.com.

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